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Phoenix Features

These episodes cover Phoenix's features step by step, to give you a good understanding of all the core Phoenix features.

  • done Introduction (Free)

    Explains what Phoenix is, and why it's great.

  • done Installing Phoenix

    Learn how to get up and running with Phoenix on Mac and Windows.

  • done Plug

    Learn the foundational building block of Phoenix, the Plug Elixir microframework.

  • done Endpoint

    Learn how Phoenix applications are structured around Endpoints, and how you can have multiple endpoints in your application.

  • done Router

    Learn how to tie URLs to behavior using the Phoenix Router.

  • done Controllers

    Learn how controllers can be used to manage state and business logic, and how to test them.

  • done Views & Templates

    Render HTML and JSON lightning fast with Phoenix's template system.

  • done Ecto

    In this multipart series, learn how to persist your data to SQL and document databases using Ecto. Ecto is compared and contrasted to the ActiveRecord pattern.

  • done Channels

    See how Phoenix Channels can be used to build fast, realtime applications for millions of clients.

  • done Internationalization

    Learn how to internationalize your application, using tools that will be familiar to translators.

  • done Integration Testing

    Learn how to test drive your application with a browser, using Hound.

  • done OTP & Umbrella Projects

    Learn how Phoenix and OTP relate, and how to separate your application into components.

  • Deployment

    Learn how to deploy and manage a Phoenix application to Heroku and on self-managed hardware.

  • Monitoring

    Learn how to leverage OTP's tools to monitor your application in production.

  • done What's New in Phoenix 1.3

    If you're coming from Ruby on Rails, Phoenix will feel familiar. But there are very important differences between the two and this episode explores them.

Let's Build Apps

Once you know all the basics, it's time to put all that knowledge to use and build some apps!

  • done Chat

    Learn how to build a chat application with Phoenix.

  • done OTP Chatbot with Plug

    Learn how to build a minimalistic chatbot using OTP and Plug.

  • done Multiplayer Game

    In this multipart series, learn how to build an online, multiplayer games. Knowledge of OTP and Javascript will be required.

  • done GraphQL API

    REST got you down? Learn how to build GraphQL APIs with Phoenix and Absinthe.

  • done Scaling Phoenix

    Learn how Phoenix scales naturally from a 'monolithic' app to microservices, without major rewrites.

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Bonus Episodes

These episodes cover interesting topics that aren't always directly tied to Phoenix itself, and are usually free.

  • Productivity Tips for Elixir Programmers

    Learn some tips and tricks for how to get the most out of your tools.

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