Introduction Thumbnail

An introduction to the Phoenix web framework, and this series.

Installing Phoenix Thumbnail

Learn how to install Phoenix on Windows and Mac.

Plug Thumbnail

Plug is the core framework which Phoenix is built on top of.

Endpoints Thumbnail

Endpoints are the entry point for any Phoenix application.

Routing Requests Thumbnail

The Router controls which URL paths are handled by which controllers.

Controllers Thumbnail

Controllers are responsible for sending responses to HTTP requests.

Views and Templates Thumbnail

View modules and templates are used to render responses.

Ecto Schema Thumbnail

Ecto Schemas map database tables to Elixir structs.

Ecto Repo Thumbnail

Ecto.Repo connects to and runs queries against a database.

Ecto Multi Thumbnail

Ecto Multi is another way to run a series of operations as a transaction.

Ecto Migrations Thumbnail

Migrations are scripts that are used to modify your database schema over time.

Ecto Testing Thumbnail

Learn how to test Ecto schemas, and how to work with the Ecto Sandbox.

Sockets Thumbnail

Phoenix Sockets manage Websocket connections from clients.

Channels Thumbnail

Phoenix Channels split Websocket communication into topics.

Presence Thumbnail

Presence makes it easy to sync presence information within a distributed Erlang system.

Internationalization Thumbnail

Phoenix comes with full support for Gettext, a translation standard.

Integration Testing Thumbnail

Learn how to set up your app for real-browser testing with Hound.

Scaling Phoenix Thumbnail

Learn the techniques by which Phoenix can be scaled from a monolith to microservices.

Building a Chat Application Thumbnail

Learn how to build a basic chat application with Phoenix.

Chat: Adding Persistence Thumbnail

Learn how to easily add persistence to the chat app from the previous episode.

How to Build a TicTacToe Game Thumbnail

Learn how to build a TicTacToe game with Phoenix.

What's New in Phoenix 1.3 Thumbnail

Learn about the upcoming changes in Phoenix 1.3

Chatbot with Plug Thumbnail

Learn how to build a simple Chatbot using only OTP and Plug.

GraphQL Thumbnail

Learn how to build a GraphQL with Phoenix and Absinthe.

Deployment Thumbnail

Learn about your deployment options for Phoenix apps.